Do CityVille Neighbors Have To Be Facebook Friends?

Do CityVille neighbors have to be Facebook friends? Find the answer to this question and also tips on how to use neighbors to conquer this game in this article.

Do CityVille Neighbors Have To Be Facebook Friends?

The answer to this question is “yes”. In CityVille (or any Zynga game for that matter such as FarmVille, Mafia Wars etc.) you must make friends with someone before they can become your neighbor.

So, what implications does this have and how will it affect your game playing? How can you use it to the best of your advantage?

Invite Your Existing Friends

Your existing friends will make for great neighbors because they really do know you and will be loyal to you and help you out.

Consider Opening A Second Account

You might want to open a second Facebook account if you are going to add a lot of new friends to become your neighbors.

For example, otherwise you are going to get a ton of stuff appearing from your wall when you are not even interested in anything your neighbors have to say friendsfilter unless it relates to CityVille.

Also, you don’t really know these people and when they become your friends in Facebook, they will be able to see all the aspects of your personal life that you normally keep hidden except from your friends.

Mass Neighbor Adding

Many CityVille players like to ask others to “add me” on the main game page. Some even go so far as to add their email address to a huge list and then everyone goes and imports this huge list to create a bunch of new friends.

But what you have to remember to do is to ask your new friends to be neighbors. You need to do this on a daily basis as there is a daily limit so you cannot do it all in once. But this way, you will get the most neighbors possible and this will really accelerate your progress in this cool game.

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