Fish Aquarium Decorations

Aquarium decorations include natural things found outdoors or some flashy plastic stuff which will bring a smile to your face or will irritate you.

In this article first of all I will try to give you an overview about the various aquarium decoration types that you can choose from. After that I will venture on to discuss about the advantages and disadvantages of having manufactured decorations or is it better to choose organic decorations. After that I will conclude with some tips on aquarium decorations and also will offer you a list of on-line sources.

Aquarium Decorations: What are they?

Simply speaking aquarium decoration includes both natural organic things found in the outdoors and also manufactured things. Decorations can be used in both freshwater tanks as well as in saltwater tank. But if you are thinking that you are not bothered about fish tank decorations at all and will not go for those, you may consider the following points before taking the final decision:

* A lot of fish treat the so called decorations as their shelters from other aggressive fish.

* Live rock, although part of decorative items is essential for their service of natural bio-organic filtration.

Decorations for Freshwater Aquarium

If you have a fresh water 室內設計裝修 aquarium you can go with both organic decorations as well as manufactured ones. The following is a list for you to consider:

* Manufactured decorations items:

Fake plants which can be either plastic or silk

Fake rocks which can be either plastic or ceramic

Fake wood

Advantage and disadvantage of manufactured decorations

* Manufactured decorations are long lasting.

* It is easier to clean manufactured decorations compared to living ones.

* When you have manufactured or fake decorations then you do not need to take extra care for those. So you can concentrate on caring for your fish alone.

* In fake decorations you are given a wide variety to choose from.

* Fake decorations look beautiful and can increase the show of a fish tank.


* Fake decorations may look cheap.

* In some instances fake decorations can be more expensive then the living ones.

Organic (dead) Decorations:


Real rocks

Substrates including gravel, beach sand coral sand

Advantages and disadvantages of Organic decorations


* Organic (dead) decorations look more realistic and classy.


* Organic decorations have the potential to affect your aquarium in some minor ways. For example in some cases driftwood can lead to acidity in water. Although it is not a problem in the strictest terms but it should be monitored. Moreover, never ever put driftwood in saltwater tank.

* Before putting living rocks you must ensure first that they are OK for your tank. Some rocks are harmful for freshwater tanks and some are unsuitable for saltwater. Like limestone can increase the pH level of the tank.

* Carefully see and ensure that there are no sharp edges in your decorations which can be harmful for your fish.

* Organic (living) Decorations: Live plants

Advantages and disadvantages of Organic Decorations (Living)


* Living organic decorations have a very realistic look and they can enhance the beauty of any tank.


* Having living organic decorations may prove to be an expensive affair. They also require much care and attention.

* Aquarium fish may eat them!

* You may not find a great variety to choose from in regards to color and shape which is not the case with manufactured decorations.


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