We are so excited to have you all join us for this year’s Wireless Technology Forum Virtual Conference!

This is a new experience for a lot of us, so we want to give some of your Q’s some A’s. From seeing what new tools we are using this year to important information to know once the conference begins.

Q: When will we be able to enter the event?

A: 30 minutes before the first presentation the event will open and you will be able to click a button marked “Enter Event” on the site cwnp.link/wtf2020

Q: Will presentations only be available live, or can they be watched afterward?

A: As soon as a presentation ends, it will be available to re-watch on the event platform.

Q: How does the Breakout Room Group Video chat work?

A: Each breakout room features video chat for attendees to communicate with each other, but is limited to 16 participants per room. You will be able to access your camera and microphone similar to the selection process in Zoom, Google Meets, etc. 

Q: What happens when I “Register” for a session?

A: There is no need to register for individual sessions. By registering for the event, you are guaranteed admission to all the presentations. Registering for an individual presentation only adds the session to your ‘Session List’ inside the event platform once live the day of the event.

Q: Is there an option for ‘calendar invites’ for specific presentations?

A: This option is not available inside the event platform at this time.