Proceeding Into Online Auctions: Previewing and Bidding

Whether you are an accomplished online auction bidder or are new to the online auction process, this guide will highlight the process of previewing and
bidding on item..

Online Auctions: Previewing Items


A brochure is routinely accessible on the auction house’s website usually one week former to the live auction event. The catalog is split up into categories. Categories are high-level locators of items and objects are rather aptly classified.


You may conduct a search for any term in the website’s search box. Search boxes are exclusive to individual auction rings so you may have to search in various rings for your search term.

You may also search by entering model numbers and brands or if you know the lot number you can search by it.

Descriptions & Photos

Every allotment in the online auction has a description. Descriptions include brand names and model numbers. Other lots are described in material type such as wood, porcelain, crystal, glass and include dimensions. Furniture is described with upholstery, wood and dimensions.

Descriptions do not include condition statements as lots are not tested. Auction sales and all lots are sold under one hard and silent auction ideas fast rule where there is no definiteness that the lot will be in working order. And you will also be obligated to remove the allotment from the sell location.

The auction house usually stands for its description; however there is no declaration made of the item’s condition. If they for example represent an item as being a certain brand and it turns out to be otherwise, they will give you a refund if the original item is returned within a week of purchase. If you are buying at a live auction however, the auction house does not offer the same refund option as you have the opportunity to preview the lot directly.

Online Auctions: Bidding on Items

There is more than one type of placing online auction bid you can make. The most common ones are stated below.

Proxy Bidding

Auction lots are generally available online one week prior to the live auction event. During this period, you may place bids on the lots.
You will put a bid that must be higher than the starting price or the starting bid price. And if bids are already on an item and currently it stands at a certain value, you will have to enter the next required bid amount and your maximum bid. The latter is not compulsory.

Think of ways to win the bid by diverging in small differences just to get past other bids. You can outbid other bidders even by cents! The key is to stick to your maximum and not to get carried away in the auction sale.

Auction Bidding

You can place auction bid on lots in the online auction a few days earlier to the live auction event. Some auctions halt bidding at midnight prior to the auction and some auctions have simulcast bidding, permitting you to bid alongside the live auction event.

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