The Parent’s Guide to Wheeled Backpacks

As practical as backpacks are, more and more children are ending up in doctor’s offices or hospital emergency rooms with symptoms like “rucksack palsy” tingling and numbness in the hands and arms caused by overloaded and improperly worn school backpacks.

Concerned parents are buying wheeled backpacks for their kids in an effort to prevent long term health problems for their children.

A wheeled backpack is basically a backpack that has been outfitted with wheels to it can be towed along on the ground as well as being carried like a regular backpack. Except for their lack of heavy duty wheels and more durable coverings, kids wheeled backpacks are similar in function to wheeled overnight bags used for business travelers. A wheeled backpack is a safe way for a young student to move heavy textbooks from home to school.

What to Look For In a Kids’ Wheeled Backpack
The best backpack with wheels will have nice wide padded shoulder straps. It should also have a well padded back section to protect your child’s back and shoulders from bulky books with pointed edges.

Get a backpack constructed out a built to last material like polyester or nylon. Kids of all ages can be are rough on their belongings and wheeled backpacks are no exception. Get a backpack that can knocks, scuffs and keep on rolling.

Wheeled backpacks will have either a kids backpack with wheels double looped pole or a single “T” metal handle coming from the frame and extending out the top. The handle should be kid tough and retracts neatly away when not needed. A molded grip helps small hands maintain a solid grasp while running for the bus.

Look for a kids wheeled backpacks with lots of zippered front and side stash pockets so your kid can keep those needed essentials (like pens and cell phones) tucked away safely but still have them close at hand.

If possible find a kid’s backpack that has nice inside pockets too. Kids especially need to secure their wallets, house keys, iPods and other personal stuff. A big super-sized compartment is great but not if your kid has to search around in it for 10 minutes to find their door keys! The less time a child spends exposed on the street the better.

What about a carrying a laptop in wheeled backpack? Since lots of kids, especially high school and college age students are taking their laptops to classes with them you may want to consider getting a wheeled backpack large enough to accommodate a computer. A backpack should have a specially padded compartment covered in a soft material like Velour to protect a laptop.

Another thing you can look for in kids wheeled backpacks are padded top grab handle that allows a quick and easy way for your child to stow your backpack under desks, inside lockers, and out of the way when riding on buses.

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