Tungsten Carbide Ring Finishes

Tungsten Carbide Rings are gaining a slight edge over more traditional metals due to the durability and low prices. Even though the economy has slowed down people still want to get married and save money during the process. Tungsten rings carry all the same attributes as more precious metals even being available in endless style opportunities. Below is a brief description on the many finishes that tungsten rings are currently being manufactured in.

Plated Tungsten Carbide Rings: Plated tungsten carbide rings consist of the three colors black, gold and the new chocolate coloring. Colored tungsten rings are popular for those wanting a unique ring different from the traditional wedding band. Colored tungsten is made by heating the carbide metal and plating the color to the surface of the ring. The ring is then finished tungsten rings to specifications. Colored tungsten is commonly laser engraved to add a unique touch to the finish. Laser engraving commonly consists of phrases, knot work patterns and dual tone finishes.

Satin Brushed Tungsten Wedding Bands: A satin brushed finish is a smooth finish that is matte in appearance. The finish has a soft brushed look and has a very limited reflection when light hits the ring. The Satin brush is ideal for those that want to wear a ring with it being a standout fashion piece. Satin brushed rings are popular for both men and women.

Sandstone Finishes: The sandstone finish is made to look like sandpaper however although the rough look it is completely smooth to touch. The Sandstone is a completely matte finish not reflecting light off of the surface. The sandstone is popular for those that want a more subdued look. Men particularly like the look of the sandstone finish due to it being more masculine.

Unique Florentine Finish: The Florentine finish is very similar to the finish of a sandstone ring where the rough to touch however it is not. The Florentine finish has brushed streaks that overlap one another giving a very unique look to the ring.

High Polished Rings: High polished tungsten wedding bands are a popular, virtually scratch resistant finish where the finish is ultra-reflective and vibrant. High polished finishes outsell other finishes due to coming in the most ring styles. High polished rings are slightly darker than traditional metals by 1-2 slight shades.

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